Class Goals
About Me
I think it is important that parents, students and teachers are aware of the direction our learning is going. Therefore, at your convenience please look at my vision for the school year. Please let me know your thoughts.

-Students will show considerable growth in core content subjects (Reading, Writing and Math)

-Students will encounter a diverse and rich learning environment

-Students will learn and use real life social skills

-Studentsí individuality will be celebrated and used toward learning

-Students will develop a good work ethic

-Students will learn how to organize

-Students will develop empathy

-Students will learn the value of working cooperatively with others

-Students will learn to analyze and solve problems, both social and academic

-Students will learn how to be independent and self-reliant

-Students will encounter and understand scientific concepts including cells, the human body, solar system, geology, and basic chemistry...

-Students will learn and develop a sincere reverence for American democracy

My Personal Goals
-I will develop a strong and productive relationship with each child

-I will create an ideal learning environment

-I will share as many life skills as possible

-I will develop an organizational system for students to maintain themselves

-I will treat each moment as a learning opportunity

-I will care about each and every student and help them to achieve their greatest potential